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May 3, 2010 [More archived home pages here]


The above image, Oil Film is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Black Water by The Doobie Brothers, released in 1974.

The oil spill from BP's floating oil drilling platform disaster is now widely known. As of this time and perhaps for many weeks or months to follow, the damaged well will continue to pollute the Gulf waters.

The fishing industry is suffering. Fuel prices are rising. The ecological disaster will take decades to recover, if then.

Part of the problem is the huge risk in drilling in so deep waters. Oil companies are not allowed to drill in shallower waters, where accidents can be better rectified. Because we need as much oil as we can get, drilling is done in deep parts of the ocean where it is allowed with the accompanying risk. Perhaps this disaster causes a national policy review of denying better places to drill?

I read that BP did not supply a disaster plan as part of its environmental impact statement for this well, perhaps other wells too. Somebody in President Obama's Administration was asleep at the wheel on that oversight.

No one can predict the outcome or the extent of ultimate damage and policy changes from this event. One thing we do know is costs are going to go up in many industries as shortages accrue. Good jobs lost will further harm the economic recovery. Maybe our already historic national debt will climb even higher than predicted?

I wouldn't wish this disaster on anyone, but it provides President Obama a way to show his leadership. He cannot blame this one on his predecessor. I wish him well as he navigates the political black waters on this mission.


HTML5, the 21st Century replacement for Flash, picked up some support from Google and their API's and Microsoft last week.


For those of you who want to check some of the mis-information available about you on the web, check out Spokeo. It is one more of the high number of places where information resides about you on the Internet, even if some or most of that information is false.


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