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May 2, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Welcome Rain

The above image, Cottonwood Clouds is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Here Comes the Rain Again by the Eurythmics, released in 1984.

One of the things I miss here in San Diego is thunderstorms. They are extremely rare events in this locale. Back in the midwest where I was born and raised, thunderstorms are frequent. They help teach us how to persevere in the wind, water, and noise of it all.

Even a hard rain here is rare. After-all I do live in a desert region. The closest I come to a hard rain where I live is watching the Weather Channel on TV.

Nonetheless, I know the experience of rain and storms in other aspects of life. That's why part of me is a writer and an artist.

My short stories are increasingly being read. I decided to create a report page on their viewed popularity.

Eight of my stories are posted on other web sites too. As of this morning they've been read over 600 times in those places.

I continue to reach out and it doesn't matter if the Sun is high in a clear blue sky or if the darkest days are ahead. The weather is just fine here on the web. Rain or shine, the web knows neither boundaries.


Today's message ends with the following Digital Insight.

Harvest Moon (Created in October 2005)

In anything that you put your heart into, you will find passion in that activity. As time goes by you will experience ups and downs from it.

There will be familiar cycles that allow you to learn and grow. There will be unforeseen situations that arrive without forewarning and disrupt your expectations.

It's all part of the natural flow. Although all good things come to an end, something new on your path will be planted and it needs your particular care and feeding to thrive in its own space and time. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"All the work that was put into the year since its beginning is now ready to be reaped. Did the bounty of all your labor reach fruition or did a storm or two blow through the fields leaving some damage in its wake?

In any case the field needs to be harvested for what it contains. Keep some seeds for the next iteration. Learn from the effort and results."


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