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March 29, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Affectionate Rebel

This past Easter weekend, Sherry and I went to camp at Yuma, Arizona in our new Dodge 2005 Caravan (shown below). While we drove, we listened to our music CD's [1; 2; 3; 4]. We had a great time in Arizona and the weather was just as we like it, warm and dry.

The full moon in the eastern sky Friday night, illuminated the mountains and valleys of California's Interstate-8 freeway as we drove over to Yuma. It was the perfect start to a great weekend. Our new van is very quiet and gets pretty good mileage for a two-ton vehicle. We averaged about 22 miles-a-gallon for the entire trip. We were happy to cross into Arizona where gasoline drops about 40-cents a gallon. We paid about $2.14 for a gallon of gas while in Arizona.

We stayed at the Blue Sky RV Park for three nights starting on Good Friday. The park hosts, Ron, Shirley, and Marge are very friendly people and provided lots of good information about western Arizona. We met plenty of other friendly RV folks through their introductions, many of them are retired and live most of the winter in that park. Sherry and I happened to arrive just as most of the remaining residents are about to leave to return to their homes in far away states or provinces of Canada. We hope to see them again someday because they are good people. I have the email address of Marge and will send her a note about this home page since she took an interest in my web sites by Saturday afternoon.

By Saturday morning, Sherry was occasionally calling me, "Donny Yuma", after the main character in the 1959 TV series, The Rebel. I guess I am an affectionate rebel, but a rebel in any case when comes right down to it. ;-)

It was during one of our discussions with the park hosts that we learned the term, Boondockers, applied to people who camped without hookups to their vehicles. That would certainly describe the way we camp. A true rebel doesn't need such modern-day conveniences anyway. Sherry on the other hand, likes the showers, the restrooms, the pool, the sauna, etc. I humor her wishes when I can. :-)

At night, Sherry and I sat by the pool and watched the stars in the sky. As we lie in the van at bedtime, we observed the Moon arc across the sky through our side and rear windows. There is something very romantic about full and nearly full moons while camping. Someday I hope to be camping away from all city light and watch the stars appear on a moonless evening. Somehow I think that's a romantic, rebellious, experience too.

I took many pictures of the weekend activities around western Arizona. We visited the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park and the Yuma Crossing State Historic Park. We ate at several fine restaurants for all our meals. The service was good and the portions in some places larger than expected.

Based upon the park host's recommendations, we took a long day's trip on Sunday up the California US-95 highway for several hours and then crossed over the Colorado River to Parker, Arizona on California State 62. Then we drove down the Arizona US-95 back to Yuma by Sunday evening. I enjoyed the Arizona side much better and the pictures of that section of the trip don't do that desert region justice. I'm sure I'll travel part of that road again someday, a little slower next time.


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