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March 20, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

The Art Of Apologies

The above image, Basis Of Apology is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Hold Me Now by the Thompson Twins, released in 1983.

The concept of apology seems to be diminishing from my observable experience. I rarely hear the word, "sorry" expressed in earnest when it is due. Perhaps the derivatives of that important word offers an explanation of its decreasing usage?

The act of apology should be an intrinsic part of our personality, yet its utterance is mostly resisted because the person responsible for one does not want to appear weak. It seems to me the weakness is in holding back the apology, not the giving of it.

For many years now I have followed an inner calling to seek out those I offended by my actions and offer them a sincere apology. My apologies, in some cases owed for decades, were predominantly conveyed in-person, or via mail, or on the telephone. Sometimes I used this medium here as a last resort.

My approach isn't perfect. Ironically, I sometimes have to apologize for not recognizing I needed to offer an apology!

Nowadays I am quicker to apologize lest too much time elapses after an ommision. Be sure to let me know if I owe you one in the interim.


I published one new short story, The Actress.


Two of my Facebook contacts have blogs concerning leadership:


So many people desire hindsight, this is my take from May 29, 2007.


Certain frauds multiply each other when given the chance.


And some people wonder why protectionism is rising.


I thought this was a given? It is with me!


One of these days...


Now this is pyramid power on the largest scale possible. I wonder how many direct flights from California airports will fly there?


Some of these topics I agree with. Others need contemplation inside the Great Pyramid of Giza for the answer...


Found on the web links for March 19, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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