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March 19, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

My Secrets Of Unexpected Magic

The above image, Marble Collection is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Strange Magic by Electronic Light Orchestra, released in 1975.

Recently, the total number of page views for all my digital art passed the one million mark. I became an artist in January 1997 and slowly my art caught the attention of visitors in the early years on my former websites. After the start of Time Out Of Mind in April 2002, the visitors increased dramatically.

I recall that moment at MacWorld 1997 in San Francisco when I walked by the vendor booth where the Bryce program was demoed. It was another of my many psychic moments where something told me again I was in the right place at the right moment. After asking a few questions of the person demoing the software, I purchased it. The entire interaction took less than five minutes, That's how my psychic intuition works and I don't disavow it ever. I couldn't wait to return home and try out Bryce.

I wasn't an artist back then. That realization took several years to manifest itself and become comfortable exposing my efforts to others. At first I wanted quick results because I already understood software programs. This Bryce program was different. It wasn't designed to be used by programmers or computer consultants. It was slow going to understand how the program worked. But that was only part of the obstacles facing me at that time.

I didn't really have any message to tell using Bryce. I hadn't yet tapped into that deeply hidden personal understanding I would arrive at after a tough introspective period a few years later. Still I kept at it every once in a while because something inside me told me one day I would grasp the understanding I needed and find a way to flow with it--somehow.

My first image of just figuring out how to create something in Bryce I named, Sailor's Cove and is shown below. It took about five months of occasional messing with Bryce just to get this simple image. I created it on May 11, 1997. Even afterwards I wasn't quite sure how to use Bryce.

The journey to learn Bryce was a struggle off-and-on for me. At times I would not use the program for many months and then have to go back and relearn what I had forgotten. That frustration didn't help, but it didn't dissuade me either.

It wasn't long after my Mother passed away in January 2000 that the artistic aspect kept guarded started to surface. I found a way to express what was within using Bryce in a way that no other medium allowed. I wasn't a writer yet then either. Unknowingly I had a lot to experience in life. It didn't take too long for those revelations to arrive.

I started this website on April 8, 2002. Between the time my Mother passed away and about March 2002, I had a chance to come to terms with myself. It was worth the long ride of all those months. This site covers a great many of my previously latent talents and incorporates the life experiences of other people with my own.

Life in itself is unexpected magic for each and every person. At times we are the magician and at other times the audience. My artistic and writing talents, humble as they may be, express the secrets of the magic as I see them and present them to you here for review.


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Rest In Peace, Fess Parker. His Davy Crockett character on TV in 1955 was the cause for me to possess a Coonskin cap that year.

Sherry, Dorothy, and I were at his Santa Barbara Doubletree Resort for Christmas Eve Dinner back in 2006.


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If you use a Mac and need to view Microsoft Project documents, the free MOOS Project Viewer works as advertised.


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