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March 17, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Today's song is Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival, released in 1969.

My being some fraction of Irish decent, I suppose it's my obligation to at least once in my life, proclaim to all of you to have a wonderful day on Friday, St. Patrick's Day. Maybe it will be lucky for you in some way. I hope so!


The cool weather remains here in San Diego, but it surely is near an end. Soon enough it will be my birthday, we turn the clocks ahead, and the warm dry air returns. I am glad when that happens, luck has nothing to do with it.


I was surprised to see this site's name was recently ranked by Google at number 4 out of over 1/2 billion references. It made me think somehow of erecting golden arches somewhere on the home page, but then I'd have to start serving fries and building a virtual drive-thru. I'm lucky in that I didn't proceed with the idea.


If you think that last paragraph was a little over the top, I wonder what you think about Google Mars? That's right, you can now look at features of Mars in case you get tired of Google Moon and Google Earth. What I want to know is when will Google help me find personal items I've misplaced right here at home? I keep looking for Google Don, but I have no luck with that either!


As some of your technical readers may know, there is a piece of Internet technology called OPML. OPML has its uses and now there is a new way to peruse OPML files using Bitty Browser on web sites. I know, some of you want fries with that.


For some reason, I keep thinking about the mathematical principles about Binary Search. This was something I learned about twenty-five or so years ago. I even taught my daughter the concept at the time. It's useful in a variety of ways.

The way to calculate the number of iterations in solving the answer of a binary search is dependent on the number of ordered items and the log in base 2 of that number.

You're right with me on this aren't you? I decided to use my iSight camera and iMovie HD to record the calculator steps I use to make that determination and produce this short QuickTime video for all who remain curious how to do it. I bet you feel lucky you discovered this here.


I was thinking about the various PowerPoint Presentations I've done in the last few years. These were two of my earliest ones for Twin Oaks Toastmasters: Beaches and Memory Lane. Notice both of them hint of warmer weather. Maybe I should just sit by the fireplace and sip some green tea a few times over the next couple weeks. Just to see if the weather and my luck changes. ;-)


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