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March 13, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Of Firefighting And Project Management

The above image, Goofy is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is I'm On Fire by Bruce Springsteen, released in 1984.

I recently listened to all these expertly produced project management podcasts. Even for readers who aren't primarily interested in project management themselves, can learn how to evaluate the companies they work for using the information contained in those sessions. I'm sure many readers will consider the gaps in their own organizations after listening and thinking about what they heard.

It's possible and probable that those gaps were already known, maybe even raised in meetings or via memos. I wrote plenty of memos to my management in my corporate years concerning gaps. Most of the time my memos were filed away without further action. I would refer to them when the fires ignited and management called upon me to emergency service to resolve another critical problem that might have been avoided through better planning. Those were my initiation years in project management way back when.

I bet some of my readers are currently firefighters. Maybe one day they will be project managers themselves? ;-)


My LinkedIn Network grew again last week and now there are 81 connections there. During an economic meltdown, it pays to have a large a network of contacts as possible.


For those left at the alter.


All U.S. Navy ships in international water should be protected. We should never back down in such circumstances.

"A Department of Defense official told FOX News that the USS Chung-Hoon has been assigned to escort the USNS Impeccable as it conducts oceanographic floor mapping and submarine surveillance in the South China Sea."


Here's one reason why I don't believe in releasing terrorists.


My friend, Bob, sent me this link illustrating 1 trillion dollars.


The changing face of religion in America.


France continues to awaken from it's slumber.


Found on the web links for March 12, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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