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March 13, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

One Love at a Time

To fall in love is a wonderful experience. Everything seems so right when you're with that special person. Time will reveal the fruition of those emotional experiences.

For me, the love I had for other women before I was married lasted long enough to discover that such pairings were not meant to be sustained. The feeling of love for each of them diminished afterwards over time and for decades now are just memories of how I once felt about them.

Before I asked Sherry to be my wife, I explained how my life had been before. I told her about my earlier loves and how those experiences ended. Sherry understood the situation because she had her own relationships that came and went too.

Love takes a lot of energy and work. That same kind of effort is required to sustain a marriage. Soon, Sherry and I will reach our 32nd anniversary together. We don't take each other for granted.

It was about 32 years ago that we started realizing the path we were on was leading to a life-long relationship. The talks we had revolved around commitment and what it would mean to each of us to take on each other as marriage partners. Not long after that I proposed to Sherry and she accepted. We married about one month later in a simple, stress-free church wedding in a small Wisconsin town.

What does one do with the memories concerning loves of the past when one takes sacred vows of marriage and keeps them? I found that the feelings of love are not forgotten, but respectfully kept as memories of another time, with another person, at other places. They were part of my life. I find that the lessons I learned from earlier relationships helped make my marriage commitment stronger. The best things that made me feel good in love contributed to make Sherry happy all these years.

I never loved more than one woman at a time. As I said earlier, a love relationship takes a lot of energy and work. I was in love about five times including the love I have for Sherry. Two of those other four times were very serious and might have lead to marriage had ideal circumstances existed at the time. I don't know how many times a person can be in serious love relationships before love stops being a serious consideration and becomes something else. I paid attention to the earlier romances and was able to focus all the proper attentions and considerations on Sherry once I was sure she was the woman for me. I feel I was about at my relationship limit when I fell in love with Sherry.

Sherry became my one love at a time when I knew she was the one for me. I gave my heart to her and she gave hers to me. We make our love work all the time. We kiss, hug, and provide other signals of devotion to our love, our marriage, our lives, every day. All the memories of our lives play a role somehow, someway, in our marriage.

I created a new tune using Apple's Soundtrack application. I dedicate that music and associated art images to my wife Sherry in the form of a QuickTime movie named, Still In Love With You. If you have someone you still love, I hope it finds its way into your heart as well.

Still in Love with You Music Video


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