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March 12, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Our No Holds Barred Society

The above image is, Imprisoned Soul

Today's song is Hold On You by Jeff Bridges, released in 2009.

On Tuesday I went to see the new movie, Crazy Heart. It's a story about a man who is lost and feeling past his prime. He finds himself drifting around the west singing his old songs and drinking himself to illness. You can see close replicas of his character all across this nation in men who exceeded their limits in a variety of ways.

In our recession economy that will take many more years to get even close to full employment, more older men will resemble Jeff Bridges' character, Bad Blake. Companies lay off older workers and discriminate against hiring older men. It's illegal to do that, but it happens by very large numbers all across our nation. As I've said many times:

We are not a nation of laws. We are a nation of expediency-just like every other nation. Age discrimination is just one major feature of that expediency.

The movie, Crazy Heart promotes the idea that the young should take the place of the old. That the old-timers only have the ability to freely mentor the young, is a measure of expediency.

It is a huge cultural mistake to cast aside the older male generation, but this mistake has been perpetuated in this nation for many decades. At times there is more that separates us as Americans than what should bind us together. Discarding our life lessons and buying into expediency is the wrong path and increases the distance between each of us. For older men that practice is the shortcut to the grave.

In the movie, Bad Blake finally figures out that his long-standing ways have become his own expediency towards obsolescence. He turns the corner, providing real value to his life, his fans, and his protégés. What used to have a hold on him, does no longer. Let that be a lesson for all of us old-timers...


I voted in the Contract from America, selecting the top ten items I want my federal legislators to work on for me. One item I want to see at the Federal and California state levels is a low Flat Tax starting at $1.00 of income without exemptions and deductions. In short, everybody and companies pay to support the services we all use. This makes all involved in the process a stakeholder with responsibilities to the whole.


My friend, Ronnie Allen, published on YouTube, his 1975 interview with Roy Orbison.


I found an interesting interactive map, Visualizing the Internet.


Here's a great new way for Java programmers to code, Code Bubbles. My Newbound, Inc. partner, Marc found this link.


What to expect from HTML5.


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