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March 10, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Greenfields 2005

This is another one of those days where the past is remembered for the very important lessons I learned from previous life events. The song, Greenfields in my my iTunes library started playing as I started to write. A strange coincidence?

Life events play a large part of my philosophy. I don't forget anything that was an important experience for me, no cop-outs in this man's mind, heart, or soul. I face the future knowing where I've been, where I am today, and where I am going.

At least I hope I know where I'm going. I'd like to think I'm in majority control of my destiny, but I remember Unknown Moments affected me in the past, reminding me that Unknown Certainties exist ahead.

So where is part of the road for this pathfinder? My previous home page about podcasts is helping me move forward with the interview process. Yesterday I approached two of my friends and asked them to consider doing interviews with me for Digital Passages. One is a real estate agent growing her business [ Link since removed ] with a plan and another is a working hard for human rights within the United Nations. Both of them agreed to consider my request. I have others to offer the same opportunity to interview. I may even ask you. :-)

Soon my traveling starts up again. Sherry and I will be going to western Arizona for an Easter Weekend camping trip. Then in a separate trip, I will be driving over to see my friend and mentor, Gene Weed, also in Arizona. Sherry and I are also talking about a train trip to Santa Barbara to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. All of that is very exciting to me.

As the rest of the year unfolds, my storytelling and book writing plans will begin to come to fruition. I can feel the vibes as those strange psychic sensations strengthen within me in the warmth of Spring. I know Greenfield's are waiting to be walked through once again. Look for me there.


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