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March 8, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Temporarily Available

The above image, Amore's Flame is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Only When You're Lonely by The Royalettes, released in 1965.

The search for true love can be relatively short or an extended duration. Along the way we find someone we can trust and share some time together, but not for forever. Between romances they are sought out for relief while we are temporally available.

Those people provide a continuity of emotional attachment to a former lover. They understand this and tolerate us for a while each time. In some cases one of the substitutes falls in love with the temporarily available person. Maybe the real magic of love begins between them, maybe not.

The people that have remained in love for a long time may forget about when they were temporarily available. They know what they have now and what they lacked in their life back then. Use that acquired wisdom when you meet someone who is now temporarily available and advise accordingly...


I published a new short story, Without Resolution.


I added one of my music creations incorporating the iTunes Visualizer to my YouTube account, When Soul Mates Embrace


Congrats to the film, Hurt Locker for winning the Best Film Award.

Congratulations to Jeff Bridges for winning Best Actor Award in the film, Crazy Heart.

Congratulations to Sandra Bullock for winning Best Actress Award for the film, The Blind Side.


My friend, Jim, posted a new leadership article, Ownership.


I learned something new about San Francisco.


Bugs & Fixes: Avoid trouble when moving your iTunes library.


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