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March 5, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Podcaster Exit

The above image is, Changing Conditions

Today's song is Too Much Information by The Police, released in 1981.

When the podcasting movement started around September 2004, I was there about three weeks later. For an extended time I lent my thoughts to the stream. In the first year I had over 50,000 downloads of those mp3's from all over the world. I was one of the first podcasters on iTunes too. It was fun and I was finding a new audience for my storytelling and interviews.

After about two years I stopped contributing. I felt I had done what I wanted in that medium. I found my writing to be a better vehicle for expressing my thoughts. I left my podcasts out there on the web and they kept being downloaded. But the time arrived recently to put that aspect of life aside.

I removed the previous Digital Passages Weblog content from the server on Thursday, ending that feature in place since 2004. I added a new page on this domain, Digital Passages Podcasts, archiving the podcasts I thought most important to keep.

I thank all the listeners I had as a podcaster. Some of them went on to be podcasters themselves and that is a good thing to know. Evolution of one's self is always a good thing too.


I added a new short story, Comparisons.


I signed this Tea Party petition. It's time to go out and vote with our feet again.

Now there is the Tea Party Finder for the iPhone/iTouch devices.


I watched the PBS Presentation, The Suicide Tourist. Someday I hope to see the state I live in have this option. My state is not advanced enough yet to recognize this idea, causing people to suffer needlessly against their will.


On Tuesday afternoon I saw the new movie, Shutter Island.


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