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March 5, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Prelude To The Origin

Today's song is my newest composition, Prelude To The Origin, released today as an mp3.

In my previous home page, the main topic was, Not The First. There were many situations in my life where I was not the first. Sometimes I knew I wasn't the first for very obvious reasons. Sometimes I was informed (admonished?) that I was not the first. It didn't deter me. Being the first isn't what it's cracked up to be most of the time.

There are a few times when it is important to be the first. My Digital Insight about my concept of Conception, (further down) is probably the most important thing there could ever be for each of us, otherwise we wouldn't be here!

Another time where it's important to be first, is the first to reach out and help someone. Maybe they are reluctant to accept that help or maybe they remember you for life for what you do--you do it for them, not for yourself.

Or, it's often very important to be the first to sincerely and honestly say, you're sorry, that you offended or hurt someone. The other person may be of the Not The First attitude to offer an apology. In such cases, you offer your apology for your conscience, not for them. You don't want to harbor any soul debts to hold yourself back from disclosing the truth.

I believe I came into this world pure, without sin. Afterwards I acquired my sins in life. I didn't inherit any from my ancestors, or from the mythical Adam and Eve.

I know I can't go out pure. I can't go back to the conditions that resulted in my conception. My father and mother held the prelude to my origin. They gave me life. I wasn't their first born, I was their last. My music today honors their lives and the love I hold for them because of that truth.


For this day, I convey the following related Digital Insight.

Conception (Created in December 2001)

Each of us is the victor, in the harshest odds we ever faced, during the moment we were conceived. Had there been the interaction between a different sperm-cell or egg, somebody else would be here and not us!

I am convinced that the odds are never stacked against us afterwards as were the circumstances leading up to that moment. We are all survivors whereby all the other contenders expired so that we could live. If each person could understand that fact of life, perhaps we would respect one another far more than we do. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"How many other people could have been here in our place instead of us when we were conceived? We fought our biggest battle just to get to that point. Anything after that in life is simple in comparison."


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