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March 5, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Unharnessed Ideas

Today's song is Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy, released in 1975.

Firstly, thanks to the people who wrote or spoke to me about my recent book announcement. I am inspired by your thoughts and well-wishes.

I also want to make it very clear that the above image, Wildfire is a picture from the front area of one of my favorite t-shirts, given to me by my wife, Sherry. I do not know the artist's name so I am unable to credit the artist appropriately as is the professional practice in fair-use of another's work. I usually only wear that t-shirt at special times in my life. It serves a purpose today since I feel so charged about all that is going on in my life.


Saturday, I went down to Balboa Park and spoke briefly with the person operating the StoryCorps mobile office (shown below). I told her I was appreciative of the work being done to capture the stories of America. On Sunday, they leave San Diego after a five-week stay and travel to Flagstaff, Arizona.


Friday night, I updated my "Look Up Words Utility" using the latest version of Apple's software development environment, Xcode 2.2.1. Now that Apple is selling cool Intel-based computers, Apple has asked its thousands of developers to make their software applications, Universal. I decided to take the few steps required to create my universal application and add to that growing list of applications that run native on PowerPC and now Intel-based Macs too. I don't yet have a Mac-Intel computer (I'm waiting for the high-end screaming towers to be released), so I asked my friend, Pedro, to assist me on his new Mac-Intel iMac and test it for me. Thanks, Pedro!


This past Thursday afternoon, I passed my final exam for the online project management fundamentals class I attended for the past six weeks. I took that class as a refresher, but the excellent instructor provided new knowledge in many sections of the course. I will take another online course from him starting the week after next where he teaches more in-depth about important aspects of that domain. Below is the Letter of Completion image for earning a 97 on my final.


On Thursday evening, I attended the San Diego Macintosh Users Group meeting and am so glad I did. Mary Lynn Price gave a top-notch presentation on video podcasting using Macintosh hardware and software technology. Primarily she uses Apple's iLife to finalize her video podcasts. She is a very good speaker and her entire show was easy to follow with supportive material including her own underwater video shorts and excellent technical information. We in the audience were mesmerized by what she has accomplished through her efforts. She is a person who knows what she wants to do and goes out and does it and has great fun, enjoying life along the way. I told her after the meeting that she gave one of the best member presentations I've seen in the ten years I've been attending SDMUG.


Lastly, I would like to encourage you to add yourself to the Frapper Map directory for this site. Over 600 people have viewed this information page, but only six have registered themselves on the actual map. It's not a big deal to display where you come from on this globe spinning through space. It simply lets us know where the virtual worldly visitors to this site come from. :-)


I'm almost done with this message's content. I still have plenty of ideas to work on. Now if only I could find, Wildfire! I'd ride all across the West on him, using my storytelling skills whenever I could get a few people together to listen. I'd be taking advance orders on my book too. I'd never know where my unharnessed ideas might take me riding Wildfire. :-)


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