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March 2, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Not The First

Today's song is True Grit, by Glen Campbell, released in 1969.

To be the first carries a lot of responsibility, to yourself, to the others that follow. To be the second, tenth, or even the hundredth might be easily discounted, forgotten perhaps.

The concept to be the first is over-rated. To be first in line may not be qualifiable or desirable, it can leave your outlook jaded long after being the first fades from memory.

If being the first carries too much weight, then how is not being the first, to matter?

A change in perspective is likely to occur as the recognition of not being the first, is often more important, more beneficial because the pressure of not being the first, is accepted and understood.

When you realize you are not the first, accept it as a compliment, maybe even a safety warning. The expectation of not being the first may be the far more valuable position to hold.


This site has less than 100,000 page views to reach that 2 million page view mark. It looks like sometime in April that point will be reached. I thank all who arrive here to make it so.

I seem to have many fans from around the world that visit here. I've even got some secret admirers it seems; well, maybe they're not so secret after-all if I know about them. ;-)

Certain pages here are favored more than others, sometimes as soon as a page is published, within a few moments it's viewed! Such loyalty is appreciated. I'm watching it happen. They watch me write here, I watch them read as they watch me publish. It's an interesting process.

Live Search is employed, so is Yahoo very often for certain search patterns that emerge. I've observed such activities for years now. Sometimes that knowledge is used to create new content, sometimes it's just the current pages referenced in new ways. My book seems to generate particular interest at times [link since deleted].

A word about my preliminary online chapters and the book itself:

It's not the questions. It's not the "yes" or "no" answers. It's the truth that really matters and the reasons supporting telling the truth.

I look at this web experience as an author and artist continually responding to the curiosity of viewers. So if you're a casual visitor or a secret admirer of this site, know that I'll be staying busy supplying content for consumption.


I'm going to bring back a section (shown below) I used to regularly include on the home page. Each selection I publish provides some background on the image spotlighted. My Digital Insights as I refer to them, are part of the portfolio I'm building for my storytelling, presentation, and book endeavors [link since deleted]. It seems that people want to know more about how I come up with the impressions and interpretations of my life through art. The feedback I receive from them is always encouraging and appreciated.

Tumbling Myths (Created in September 2002)

Sometimes we don't want to face a certain reality because we've accepted false beliefs for a long time. Perhaps it is the realization that some people never reach the ability to forgive our past misgivings?

Perhaps we just don't want to accept the fact that some people hurt us intentionally because that person couldn't directly hurt the one that hurt them? Or maybe someone close to us, real close, used us to get ahead in life at the time without regard to our feelings? We didn't see through the situation clearly because we were caught up in circumstances with them.

There are many reasons we can deny the truth to ourselves when the old illusion is so much more pleasant to retain. The myths will stay paramount until such time when the mind and heart gives up the lies we tell ourselves.

Then the truth exerts its own sense of gravity over the floating myths we keep aloft, causing us to see that they can't stand on their own merit any longer. We welcome the new found freedom of true understanding. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"What was thought to be true is discovered not to be so. It's always better to see the truth, no matter what that revelation brings."


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