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March 2, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Reflections of March Memories

Today was a day to reflect on the past events of my life that happened in the month of March. Below I list some of the significant ones I recall in the order they happened:

  • Started learning to drive a motorcycle
  • The first time a woman told me she loved me
  • Was accepted for a California college
  • !!!
  • I broke up with a woman
  • I started basic training for the U.S. Naval Reserves
  • I received an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Navy
  • I proposed marriage to my wife, Sherry, and she accepted
  • I was laid-off of work
  • Signed a contract to purchase a home
  • Underwent surgery
  • I was hired as a programmer
  • Prepared to startup, Time Out Of Mind website
  • Submitted paperwork for my music to U.S. Copyright Office

I'm sure some other events in my life that took place in March will occur to me later on. Maybe my wife, Sherry or my daughter will remind me of some oversight. :-)

I find it curious that I am poised in this month to make some significant changes to lifestyle if certain opportunities pan out. So I took time today to create some new music and make a short Quicktime slideshow with that music using some of my digital images. Click on the link below to view.

March Memories is about 2 minutes 41 seconds long and 7.0 MB in size.


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