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March 1, 2010 [ More archived home pages here ]

Acknowledging Full Moon Passions

The above image is, Full Moon Loving

Today's song is Moondance by Van Morrison, released in 1970.

In looking at this list of Full Moons I recognize important dates of my life that either were on the exact dates or near some of those Full Moon dates. Let me just say that restraint wasn't always part of the romantic outcome.

My wife of nearly 37 years and I look forward to this particular cycle of the heavens in our own special way. We go out to our driveway, look at the Moon and hug and kiss in the moonlight. That's the public aspect of our acknowledgement. ;-)

Poets and writers for many millennia wrote about the Moon and its effects on we humans. I've been affected by Full Moons for over 40 years. I suggest you add to the history!


I discovered a Facebook Photo Album by Michael Heimlich who took pictures of the Chicago neighborhood where I grew-up. It also has interior photos of my high school 1964-68. Michael took great photos from September 2009! Thank you Michael!


I met with my friend, Shelly, on Friday morning at the local Starbucks coffee shop. We spoke for about two hours on a variety of topics. She is one of the most open and "honest about herself" person's I know. A few years ago after our first meeting, she inspired me to create the digital art image, Emotional Demarcations shown below:

Decades before, I knew another young woman who revealed only partial honesty about herself when it was to her advantage. The digital art image, Revelation Of Deceit shown below inspired by that experience:

The difference in revelations is in the motives of the speaker. In Shelly's case her motives are only good.


I added one Favorite Header Image Combinations shown below:


Found on the web links for February 28, 2010 [ Link since removed ]


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