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June 30, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Heartbeats From A Heart Not Healed

Today's song is another of my new GarageBand creations, From A Heart Not Healed released today.

My book writing has slowed recently. Instead of letting the project be delayed, I decided to create a new section on this site, [link since deleted]. It's purpose is the provide me a place to write the initial chapters of the book.

Take a look there. Right now there's just the introduction proper. The actual chapters will begin to appear in July as I write them.

This new section is a good summer project for me. My art, music, and storytelling are converging, becoming an important focal point within, changing me in new ways. Let's walk this new path together.


My good friend, Jeff Rutan started his own web site to display his engineering talents and designs. I know he will be successful in his endeavors. Some of his designs use my Desktop Backgrounds.


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