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June 22, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Things Meant To Be

The above image, Circles of Life is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is The Windmills of Your Mind by Noel Harrison, released in 1968.

I celebrated Father's Day by going to Disneyland California with Sherry and DJ. We had a great time. The park was not too full and that makes it even more enjoyable. I'll post some pictures from today later this week.

At one point in the afternoon while Sherry and DJ were shopping, I ate a hot dog while watching the crowd move about on a perfect sunny day. I realized that Disneyland makes time spent there for everyone, special moments. No matter who I observed as I sat there, they all seemed to be at peace with themselves.

Certain things in life are meant to be. Who we choose as a lifelong partner, who our children become, and grandchildren become. How we spend our lives and who our friends are that remain close with us.

At times we may wonder why things turn out the way they do? We may wish our life had turned out differently. We may yearn for things that can never be. It is normal to occasionally explore those thoughts. The reality is different.

Material things and wishful thinking take a lower priority relative to the things in life that are meant to be. If you doubt that, just look into the eyes of someone you love and who loves you in return for immediate clarification.


A belated Happy Father's Day to all that applies towards, and Grandfathers too!


On Saturday I celebrated twenty-nine years of being involved in computer technology. Much of that story along the way is explained on the June 20, 2005 home page.


Soon I'm going up to this new park not far from where I live for the view and pictures of same.


Found on the web links for June 21, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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