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June 20, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Now And Then

The above image, Neon is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Neon Rainbow by The Box Tops, released in 1967.

My grandson was born early Tuesday morning in the Chicago area. He is 7 lb 8 oz and 19 inches long. I saw a profile picture of him right after birth, he looks like me. Both he and my daughter are doing fine, they returned home Thursday afternoon. Sherry returns home to me on Saturday afternoon and will tell me all about her time with them and show me the CD of pictures and videos of her visit. :-)

Now I have a granddaughter and grandson to enjoy. As the years roll by, they will learn from wonderful parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, and others. They will grow up with the love they deserve. I will see them all when I visit in July.

Thursday was the 40th anniversary of my graduation from high school. The graduation ceremony was held on a hot night at Medinah Temple in Chicago. I could have never imagined then what my life would be this day. I had a very simple and idealistic outlook for my life then. I'm better off for all that happened along the way in my life since.

Today is the 28th anniversary of my computer career. It started out as a curious hobby in the beginning. I had to teach myself along the way for a couple years before I really got some important insights from my friend, Ron Metzker, when I went to work at Omega Microware, Inc., on August 16, 1982. Before meeting them I basically knew my ABC's, after their teachings, I was writing short stories.

Being self-taught has many advantages. I learned so much from my mistakes in my early programming, at least 50%, I think. I came into the home computer realm when a programmer had to know a lot about the details of the underlying processes. That understanding helped me a lot in the later years, even as software removes the programmers of today from those processes.

I was there when office workers were having their first exposure to desktop computers. I was there because I was the one introducing that technology to them. I have first-hand experience of what it's like to move people from one paradigm to a new one. I always loved it when a person saw the light about what they could do with a computer.

I became a formal teacher in those years. I designed the Adult Education Curriculum for computer classes at Triton College 1983 to 1985. The Assistant Dean reviewed my submitted class outlines and approved them. Those were great years for me. I still have all the class materials I conceived and taught at Triton. I have the student survey results they submitted about me and I adjusted my teaching style based on that feedback. I kept the kind letters some of my students wrote to me back then.

The corporations I later worked for gave me a large canvass to apply what I had learned in those early years. I discovered new areas of business knowledge to incorporate into my philosophy.

I never finished college, but that didn't hinder me that much. My skills, experience. and entrepreneurial approach enabled me to gain admission to top business projects and travel to other countries and find friends and support for my ideas there. I learned from all of those new friends and experiences.

Now I'm back in partnership with my friend, Marc. We both rely of what we learned from our first partnership, EveryDay Objects, Inc. We are growing and that's a good sign.

In this week of anniversaries and new births, I stand proud of all that I've been through, the rough and the ecstatic. I look forward to tomorrow and watching my grandchildren grow.


My partner, Marc, and I spent some time redesigning our Newbound, Inc. site. There is still more work to do and we will get to that as we have time.


We need tens of millions of hydrogen cars and the resupply stations for them all over the country.

Until then, we must drill on every place we have oil. Attitudes are changing on new places to drill and that is good news.


Apple sells over 5 billion songs and plenty of movies and TV shows.

I'm adding to that number by selling my Heart Of Digital Passages Album on iTunes.


Found on the web links for June 19, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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