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June 19, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Windy City's Eleven

The above image is, Lee Wing Wah Restaurant

Today's song is Windy City by Peter White, released in 1998.

I spent eleven great enjoyable days with family and friends in Chicago. The photo above is from the delightful Lee Wing Wah Restaurant where my long-time friend Anna Kong and her husband, Mark treated Sherry and I to lunch last Sunday. Located in Chicago's Chinatown district, we spent a couple hours sampling many tasty dishes selected by Anna. We've been planning this get-together for several months and it was a lot of fun. Thanks Anna and Mark! Below is another photo of the mall section we walked afterwards looking for gifts.

I arrived over a week earlier and had a blast with my daughter, her husband and the grandkids. I spent many hours watching and playing with the kids during my stay. The special occasion was my grandson's first birthday party held last Saturday. My daughter planned all the activities and food selections. She held the party for the kids at a local facility where the kids enjoyed themselves. Afterwards, the extended family spent hours back at their home.

In-between my arrival and the party I had time to meet with my friends Bill, Angel, Bob, Gary, Marc, and Beth to catch-up on all our lives. We'll see each other again on my next trip there.

Last Friday my daughter, Sherry, the grandkids, and I went to see the Jelly Belly Company and tour their warehouse. The pictures below are from the tour and inside the store. Previously I never was a big fan of jelly beans. But now I am addicted to the Jelly Belly brand. I purchased a 1/2 pound bag of Piña Colada flavor and been snacking on them since. The three photos below are from that day trip. The second one is artwork made from their products.

My granddaughter speaks and understands much more nowadays and is developing a personality. I showed her several of my art animations I created and stored on my iTouch. Her favorite is, Heart To Heart iTouch Movie (Snapshot of video shown below).

My grandson is very big for his age and he and I became attached quickly. I predict he will ultimately be taller than his father who is 6' 4". Both the grandkids enjoy wrestling with me and climbing on me when I'm on the floor with them. Sherry and I took them both to the nearby park and watched them play on the various apparatus there. Both of them like the swing the best.

I showed my daughter how to put DVD videos on her new iPhone using her MacBook Pro so her kids can watch selected cartoons from that iPhone without the need of the TV.

Sherry and I had the best vacation with everyone back in Chicago, the city we were both born in and lived until we moved here to San Diego in 1996. Our life journey continues...


I'm up to 50 friends on my FaceBook site now found with:

15 people are now following me on Twitter with:

86 people are on my LinkedIn network:


On Wednesday I updated my iTouch to the new iPhone 3.0 OS.


My friend, Shelly, now has a website, diviantArt. Take time to look and learn from one of the many powerful women I know.


My long-time friend, Robert M. Katzman, made the front cover the The Chicago Jewish News. Bob gave me a paper copy of that edition for my own records. I have read and reviewed his books on life's lessons. He is a powerful writer...


I know several people who live in rural areas and crave broadband connectivity. Why don't they have it yet?


More consumer protection is on the legislative slate.


At least these modern Iranians are end-running the draconian efforts of the Iran rulers who suppress freedom and shoot peaceful protestors.

Backwards repressive regimes like Iran are doomed at some point. The Old and Middle Ages are long past in the modern world.


At last a Senate Committee is asking the right questions about exclusive contracts concerning emerging technologies.


Found on the web links for June 18, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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