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June 18, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

2007 Father's/Grandfather's Day

The above image, Summer Dreams is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Handle With Care by the Traveling Wilburys, released in 1988.

This was my first Grandfather's Day. It takes a while in life to get to this day. First you have many Father's Days to celebrate, each of them special, in their own way. From now on I accumulate another Father's Day and a Grandfather's Day each June for the remainder of my life. That's cool!

In celebration, I was treated to dinner Sunday night at the Black Angus restaurant in Oceanside, CA by Sherry. We enjoyed New York Steak and other trimmings as the main entree.

I must say that being a grandfather is a great experience. Much different than being a father, which is a great experience in itself. Double the love, wow!

Soon I will see my daughter, her husband, and their daughter in-person. I can't wait. That's one of my summer dreams this year.


Sunday, I downloaded the Bryce 5.5 update for free from the publisher of that software. The image Summer Dreams was created using that new version.

I've been using Bryce since 1997. It started me on my artistic path. I plan on purchasing the Bryce 6.1 update for $20, later this week.


Is the Internet getting overloaded? I don't see it happening to me.


I updated the Desktop SnapShots page now that Michael Coyle is running his own site once again.


Women In Art is a very cool video. I added it to the Don's YouTube Picks page. My friend, Bob Springer, sent me that wonderful link. Thanks, Bob!


South Chicago Industry is about the steel business only a few miles from where I grew up. I heard it is now being turned into a park.


Take a look at Trafik: Art of Code. It's a blend of art and programming from a French firm. They use Macs, of course. :-)


Want to learn about histograms? They are very useful for presenting summary information.


I've been dreaming about completing this message with the following Digital Insight.

Stairway to Heaven (Created in July 2000)

For reasons I can't explain, this image is number one among all my art images. My inspiration for creating it came from the 1970's song of the same name and some of the women I've met in life.

Since I published it, it's come to represent a greater meaning in me. I aspire to do good in everything I do, except my humanity prevents me from achieving that goal occasionally. The stairway increases in the number of steps at each setback.

My mother used to say I needed to "watch my step." That advice should have been heeded earlier by me. Sometimes I think I'll need an escalator if too many actions go against my wishes.

Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"How many steps are there on the way?"


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