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June 15, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Father's and Grandfather's Day 2008

The above image, Just Relaxing is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is My Dad by Paul Petersen, released in 1962.

Firstly, a thank you and prayers to my late Father, who gave me 1/2 of my life. His blood runs with mine, his Spirit with me always.

Secondly, I send a Happy Father's Day to all men who fit that description.

Thirdly, this is great news, the end of wearing ties is in sight. I never once enjoyed wearing a tie. It was a draconian custom to distract observers from the true nature of a man, instead to the attention of his clothes. So many people still fail to make that distinction, in my humble opinion.

This is my second Grandfather's Day and my 31st Father's Day. Any day now, my grandson will be born. Sherry has been enjoying her time in with our daughter and family and I get reports every day.

I will be in Chicago for twelve days in July to visit with family and friends. I look forward to that time. :-)

On June 19, 1968, I graduated from High School. I clearly remember that night as if it was just a few days ago. Those whom were in my life then are still a part of my life now and always will be.

On June 20, 1980, I started my computer career. Maybe by June 20, 2010, the thirtieth anniversary, I'll be looking back from the position of running an enterprise with a global footprint. But for now, much work needs to be done to keep growing Newbound, Inc. to reach that goal.

So I remind myself from where I came from, where I am now, and where I'm going on this day of celebration.


I published a new GarageBand song, Beso del Corazón. When I kiss, that is what I mean...


For Newbound, Inc., I have established an account with PayChex through Sales Consultant, Loraine McDonald, who makes our payroll process easy to manage. For San Diego customers she can be contacted at


I wrote my name down on this Drill for Oil petition. Moving towards being Green is okay, but it's only secondary to America drilling for the color of crude now and foreseeable future.


This is ridiculous. What happened to Freedom of Speech there?


I'm going to be active in support of the San Marcos Slow Growth Initiative. My reasoning is basically explained next.

The citizens approved the Growth Plan by a public vote. The City Council has approved Exemptions to that plan over objections by the public. In order to rectify this oversight, the Initiative will return to the citizens of San Marcos the right to approve Exemptions to the Growth Plan instead of leaving that decision to the City Council.

Interestingly enough, the City Council believes it holds superior thinking to the public and has unanimously stated that it opposes this Initiative in its entirety. I'm of the opinion we now need a State Law to require city councils to remain neutral regarding the substance of citizen initiatives. City Councils work for their citizens, not the other way around.


I'm already seeing less SUV's on the road and of that number an even smaller number of people driving them like maniacs.


I went to see the new movie, The Incredible Hulk on Friday afternoon. I enjoyed the story, but a bit too many fight scenes.


Found on the web links for June 14, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


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