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June 11, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

Cognitive Aspirations

The above image is, Symbolic Representations

Today's song is Whatcha See Is Watcha Get by , released in 1970.

Getting your point across in a discussion is a worthy goal. Previously I wrote about Data Visualization as one way to help inform. On November 16, 2009, I wrote about Project Visualization and how those tools are useful in project management.

Earlier this week I was sent a link by my friend, Bob, to a video, RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time, created by the company, Cognitive Media. I found it very instructional as to how people view the world around them. The visualization technique implemented uses a combination of audio, art, mind maps, and idea flow providing a convincing argument about the central complex topic.

The information created and stored on a global basis is staggering. Drawing upon the information, recasting it in your own perspective, conveying that new message to others is not always an easy task. Sometimes a graph or other image suffices to providing support for the premise and conclusion. More complex issues require a creative approach that can be comprehended by the audience in the time allotted.

Tools can help, certainly. A keen mind or set of keen minds facilitates the easiest path to transfer the knowledge or wisdom desired. It is a cognitive aspiration to inform, convince, and gain conviction of your audience whatever's its size and degree of agreement with your point of view. That's a winning combination in my life experience.


I published a second, Telephone Man story.


I watched the Apple World Wide Developers Conference Keynote Address by Steve Jobs concerning the iPhone 4.


I've been researching the SCRUM framework for Agile project management. To that end I came across two YouTube videos to help explain SCRUM:


Part of the software we created at my software partnership, Newbound, Inc. supports 3D Printing. Here are three links to better explain the concept of 3D printing:


Researchers: Poor password practices hurt security for all


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