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June 11, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

My Rainbow Connection

The 1979 song, The Rainbow Connection supports my message to you today. It's a song for children of all ages.

When my daughter was a young child, I would sometimes hum that tune to her. She liked The Muppet Show, it was one more way for me to share special moments with her. There were a lot of good times between us. Now she is a happily married executive considering starting their own family. Another circle of life closes and a new one starts when a couple begin the child prospect process. The verse below reminds me of so many circles with her.

Who said that every wish
would be heard and answered if wished on the morning star
somebody thought of that
someone believed it
look what it's done so far

Curiously, I am thinking of other accomplishments I've shared in life while thinking of that verse. While not directly related to experiences of raising a child, one of my volunteer organizations is making some wishes come true. Every member is benefiting from our interactive meetings each week. We can all see, "... what it's done so far." The next paragraph provides a little more detail.

My activities as Immediate Past President of Twin Oaks Toastmasters end on June 30th. Today the current set of officers completed the outstanding matters from this term. It was a good feeling to wrap-up on a high note with positive momentum for the next group of officers whose term starts July 1st. Some of the new officer-elects attended this same meeting so that transitions between the counterparts could begin. Let me say a little more below, my observations about these past six months and my feelings going forward.

The current term of officers were all new members to our club when they accepted nominations last November and were later elected for this term about to end. Early on they each pulled together and found innovative and creative ways to serve. They stand as a leadership example of the spirit of our club. Today I watched several of them become deeply involved with the imparting of their duties to the members elected to their positions. Two of them had prepared written information for their new counterpart. I know how much properly documented tasks help a new officer assume their role. It was heartwarming to see them work out the transfer.

We are all part of a rainbow connection in one way or another. When you find yourself having a good time with people and achieving positive tangible results, you're part of one. To belong to a powerful team is a contagious feeling, so don't be too surprised that others want to participate. Welcome all who respond to that "siren call", who wish to join, who hear and feel the tune in their heart.


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