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June 6, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

New Hampshire Republican Debate Comments

The above image, Both Sides Now Swirl is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Promises, Promises by Dionne Warwick, released in 1969.

Because I posted comments about the Democratic Presidential Debates last Sunday, it's only fair that I post comments on the Republican Presidential Debate here too.

Question: Would you use tactical nuclear weapons in a strike on Iran to stop them from acquiring a nuclear weapon?
Answer: Yes, if needed.
Comment: Isn't that a rhetorical question?

Question: What is the most pressing moral issue in America?
Answer: We wrongly promote preemptive war!
Comment: I might have agreed with that view before September 11, 2001, but not since. All the talking is over as far as I'm concerned. See comment one above.

Question: What happened to the GOP?
Answer: We lost credibility.
Comment: All politicians lost credibility for many reasons. Most of those reasons are the issues being debated by both party's candidates in this race. They should have been solved by now.

Question: What is the worst mistake of the Bush Administration?
Answer: President Bush ran as a Conservative and governed as a Liberal.
Comment: I say the President treated the War on Terror too simply and fights the war using the old rules of war. That is where he goes wrong. He should be fighting to win, as should every President in all wars.

Question: What does it mean to become an American?
Answer: To leave the old ways behind from where they came.
Comment: I don't know that I agree with that. I've learned a lot from people coming here from other countries that bring their ways with them. Some of them are better "Americans" than people who were born here. I personally know a few Iranian's that remind me of that fact.

The participants in this debate aren't afraid to mix it up with one another. There are stark contrasts between them.

Senator Clinton was right when she said, "There are minor differences between us (Democratic candidates). There are major differences between us and the Republicans." You could almost vote blind-folded on a Democratic ballot this time around, but that would be unwise on a Republican ballot.

I participated in CNN's Survey afterwards and you may download that pdf of my results versus CNN voters results at the time I voted. Oh, and in no way did Ron Paul win the debate, he was the biggest loser.

Before the November 2006 elections, there was this rumor to let the Democrats win in '06 so that they could fail and then in the '08 election, the Republicans could retake the Congress and the Presidency. I have no idea if that was true or not, but Rope-a-dope might be an effective strategy in national politics too.

If President Bush can turn Iraq around, cripple Iran, we might have a real race on our hands in November 2008.


Sixty-five years ago at this time, the Battle of Midway raged in the Pacific. It was a turning point in the War against Japan. The odds in the battle favored the Japanese, but they made crucial mistakes in judgement. A lesson we should not forget from the history of that battle, or war.


Sixty-three years ago today, D-Day started in France in the War against Germany. Brave people died that day just trying to land on beaches to get a foothold for the next phase of that war. That's another lesson we should not forget.


And last, but not least, the Six Day War in the Middle East was going along forty years ago today. America wasn't directly involved in that war. Apparently, we got too involved afterwards in the Middle East and remain too involved today. We should have learned from WWII to stay alert to our problems and leave other regions alone with theirs. We did not.

Now the question on Darfur looms, it's the latest quiz.


Our Presidential debates are now dominated by the problems of other regions whose nations should be working things out by themselves without our involvement in their squabbles. We did not learn from WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, or the Gulf War and so we continue to stay after school at a huge price in lives and treasury.

We should fight to win in war and that should be the only goal because our way of life is at stake. When our way of life is not at stake, we don't have much reason to be in a war. There are places we need to fight to win and there are places we need to come home from because we have no business being there as a military presence. We need leaders who know the difference and act accordingly.

Enough of the expected political process commentary. Maybe Americans will demand final candidates with the ability to exercise real solutions instead of outdated concepts and policies of the failed past. God, I hope so!


Take a look at this article about a potential Mac virtualization.


It's about time the Student Loan Program got some oversight from Congress. For years schools and lending institutions have been screwing over students and the general public has been picking up, the tab.

I've sat in on court cases as a spectator at various times since 1973. I watched people who signed onto student loans who then failed out of school. They got a bad-credit rap on their record. But the schools got paid, the lending institutions got reimbursed by the public. There was no accountability for the schools or lending institutions to improve their record. Maybe now the system will work better for students and the public.


The pending Immigration Legislation is making it even harder for Americans to get high-paying jobs. That needs to be remedied, but what do the candidates say about this? Don't hold your breath for a good answer on our behalf.


At this point I end the questions and answers on this message with the following Digital Insight.

Plain Freedom (Created in July 2001)

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. However, I also enjoy the 3rd of July because in 2001 that day brought about an important understanding from events 30 years prior on that same day.

Clarity of purpose is paramount when making important decisions. Actions involving a strong emotional response need to be considered carefully because they can have huge implications downstream if they are misunderstood. Each of us has the freedom to act and that choice should be used wisely.

Do what needs to be done with a docile heart, but do it. Exercise your decisions and appreciate the fact that freedom is the key to action. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Enjoy your freedom in every way you find it too!"


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