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June 6, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Bad Karma By The Numbers

This image is also available as a High-Resolution Desktop

Today's song is Fire by Arthur Brown, released in 1968.

With all the excitement about today's date (on the Gregorian calendar) I just had to chime in with my own thoughts.

I don't personally identify with the 666 Mania, it isn't part of my religion. I think its another conjured up interpretation about the end of the world and some people are worried about its implications. I'm not one of them. I believe the day will come and go without any worldwide upheaval.

Instead, I hope today is a wonderful day for all of you and that you come to see it as a normal day just like any other. Life is meant to enjoy, not find ways to make you feel bad or guilty. An arranged sequence of arbitrary numbers should be the least of your concerns. Perhaps you could think of today as Halloween Plus. :-)

Bad Karma certainly exists in various forms and degrees. To own up to our own portion of responsibility is a way out of the darkness, out of the fire. That's one Revelation I know to be true.


One of things I learned in the corporate world was to never bring up a problem to management unless I also proposed a possible solution. So as a way to segue from the previous topic into a more productive and nurturing one, I found links to a couple articles concerning images.

The first one is retrievr and allows you to search for images based upon a source image or sketch. That link shows an example of using my 101 Sunset digitally created image to find similar ones.

The second provides some tips for photographing sunsets and sunrises.


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