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June 4, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

Dropping Mobile Communication Costs

The above image, Dawn Of Understanding is also available as a modified Desktop Background

Today's song is Call Me by Chris Montez, released in 1966.

My friend, Pete Yared, wrote one of the most illuminating articles on cell phone charges ever. If you're like me and wonder why cell phone bills are much too high, then you need to read Pete's article. Your eyes will be opened.

As many of my regular readers know, I have been advocating for extremely low-cost or free Internet-based communication for many years now. Pete's words are heralding in a new era of consumer understanding of what they have been paying for too long.

Then on Thursday, I read about how Pinger, a consumer-friendly company made its Textfree iPhone app totally free to send SMS messages. It also announced it will be providing a free phone number for the SMS service as well as free voice calls soon over Wi-Fi and 3G! See the press release below (emphasis added):

"Pinger, the popular developer of communications services for smartphone platforms, today announced Textfree with Voice, the first application-based communication suite for smartphones with free phone numbers for texting and calling functions. The current version of Textfree, version 3.4, is the leading texting app in the iTunes App Store. Textfree with Voice, available later this summer, includes free voice services over 3G and WiFi. The new service will drastically alter traditional fee structures for mobile phones by monetizing text and voice traffic with advertising."

This will shake up the industry and eliminate less competitive industries while providing much needed services to all of us. I welcome the news from Pete and Pinger and look forward to using this new knowledge.


On Thursday, my most popular home page theme, Twin Flames is five years old having accumulated over 56,000 page views during that time. It is also the most licensed image to those who requested it. For instance, the Modesto, California Fire Department incorporated it in their 2005 Annual Report with my written permission (shown below):

Some of the people that requested its license have become so pretty good online friends too. :-)


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