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June 4, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Let the Real Race Begin

The above image is, Both Sides Now

Today's song is Bad Blood by Neil Sedaka, released in 1975.

Congratulations today to Senator Barack Obama on his historic and well-deserved Democratic nomination for the President of the United States. I listened to his powerful speech after legitimately securing the nomination.

As an Independent Voter this year, I look forward to great discourse on the important issues of the United States between Senators Obama and McCain.

I urge both candidates to choose wisely your Vice-Presidential candidates. Please do not succumb to internal political pressure from prospective VP candidates. Instead, realize you won your nominations fairly and you are the chosen leaders from your respective parties to be President. Don't make any decisions that would make you appear weak or as an appeaser.

I will be closely watching how both Presidential candidates handle themselves on all important matters, including who they pick as their running mates. I'll decide who to vote for in November based upon whom I feel is best qualified.


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