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June 4, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

New Hampshire Democratic Debate Comments

The above image, Ebb Tide Swirl is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is I Can't Go For That (No Can Do) by Hall & Oates, released in 1981.

After watching the Sunday night Democratic Presidential Debate, here are my thoughts:

Question: "How would you stop the genocide in Darfur?"
Answer: "Don't send representatives to the China Olympics."
Comment: Wow! That's known to put effective pressure on the Chinese who want every drop of oil from Sudan that they can get.

Question: "Iran has a nuclear bomb and the missiles to deliver it with the willingness to use it in the near future. What do you do?"
Answer: "Stop the policy of regime change in Iran."
Comment: LOL!

Question: "Why did you vote against the bill to provide funding for the War in Iraq?"
Answer: "That is a civil war there, our troops should not be in the middle of a civil war."
Comment: But why is Senator Biden for sending American planes for over-flights and NATO troops to Darfur? Isn't that a civil war going on there?

Question: "You have a chance to kill Osama bin Laden, but also a few innocent civilians at the same time. What do you do?"
Answer: "My husband went after bin Laden after he bombed our embassies. He launched some missiles at him."
Comment. Yeah, but he missed. So then what did he do? He didn't even have a Plan B!

Well, you get the picture. Wolf Blitzer did a good job trying to get them to answer specifically, but most of them being established politicians, answered otherwise.

I was unimpressed with the candidates answers. I've heard it all before. I participated in CNN's Survey afterwards and you may download that pdf of my results versus CNN voters results at the time I voted.

I would have asked these questions: "In the next war, will you fight the same way we fight wars today? Would you send troops down streets to get blown up by IED's or to be sniped at? Or, would you fight to win using any and all military means? Will you eliminate terrorist nation states?" Nobody asks those questions which are at the heart of fighting the War on Terror today and in the decades to come.

In my humble opinion, there are only three plausible Democratic candidates that will make it successfully to the final round of the Democratic Party Presidential nomination: Senators Edwards, Clinton, and Obama. The others are pitifully handicapped by not being charismatic nor show Presidential leadership.

Having said that, there are only two of those three that have the best chance and they are Clinton and Obama.

I find it cool that the Democratic Party has a woman and an African-American as two candidates, running for President. I have no idea why the Republican Party candidates are all old white men. It really is a disparity in the Republican Party, from my point of view. If there is such a thing as "Class Warfare", having all old white men running for President is as good a symbol for it as anything else.

I find it difficult to support the Democratic Party. They say a lot of things, but rarely deliver except to raise taxes or increase spending on liberal issues.

But, the Republicans also say a lot of things and they rarely deliver except to cut taxes and cut spending on liberal issues.

On Tuesday night, the Republican Presidential Debate will be on stage. They will blah-blah-blah just like the Democrats did last night.

Basically they are the same party, neither does anything to promote the American way of life. Neither fights wars to win, they fight wars to a stalemate or a loss. They talk about diplomacy, but have no Plan B when diplomacy fails.

The reason both parties sound the same is because they don't lead -- they follow. They follow the polls and the extremist wings of their particular party.

I spent two hours last night in vain, listening to nothing new from those debating. I feel I will waste the same amount of time on Tuesday night, not hearing anything new, in addition to watching old white men talk about their ideas that are the same as in the past.

Americans deserve much better, but these are the folks from both major parties running this time around. No matter which one of them gets elected, America will face the same problems we have today and new issues without any new solutions brought forward. Just more of the same from whatever their past political platforms have been.

Unless bold new leadership emerges in the next President, we will see much of the same grid-lock as we have seen for decades. All they do is party at our expense and fight with one another. What a waste of time for hard working Americans.

I'm still hoping the Centrists will emerge and take charge, but I know that is a long-shot. We need the equivalent of Seabiscuit to win the race, but all we get are milk-run ponies at the gate.


My friend Mark, was interviewed [1; 2] for the book, Lions of Medina about a large battle during the Vietnam War in which he fought.

Mark also gives his time freely at schools by talking to students about his war experiences. I hope to see him during my next visit to Chicago. I haven't seen him since August 1968.


I found the Garden Party YouTube video of Ricky Nelson's sons, Matthew, Gunnar, and Sam Nelson, singing that 1972 song from their Dad. It was first shown on a PBS broadcast two or three years ago.


Amazon's S3 Service is an interesting piece of technology. Here's the article that explains how to use Instance Data. Recently, my site was heavily scanned by this location [ ]. I find that interesting. :-)


At this point I end debate on this message with the following Digital Insight.

Paper Rock Scissors (Created in May 2000)

This is a game I learned as a kid. It was fun to play for extended periods, trying to outguess or outsmart the opponent. It's actually instructional in teaching that there are no absolutes; something can always trump something else.

Some debates could be better decided using this game when the arguments are of equal merit and weight. Far too often, arguments cause bitter feelings that may last a lifetime.

Next time you see an argument that has gone past the line of being resolved, consider offering using this game as the solution. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"This is a useful way to resolve arguments. It's better than each person walking away thinking they're right."


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