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June 4, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Breezes Of June

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Today's song is (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave by Martha and the Vandellas, released in 1963.

Outside today is a warm beautifully sunny day. The last few days were the same. The wonderful warm dry weather I love here in San Diego has arrived. Inside our home cool breezes blow throughout. It will stay like this for most of the time until mid-October. Many call this region paradise. They may be correct from a meteorological perspective.

I look outside my office window and see it's quiet in the neighborhood. Where did all the people go? Maybe to the beach, the day is perfect for being in the water.


On Friday, I went to see the movie, Poseidon at my favorite local theater. I took a few minutes to talk to the kind elderly man who accepts the tickets at the door of the theater. Marvin is 84 years old and welcomes every visitor warmly. Every time I go to that theater I stop to briefly chat with him. Marvin is originally from Chicago (as I am) and after finishing college there, came here to southern California and sold real estate for 40 years. He sure knows a lot about life!

I was one of five people who watched that movie with me. It is not as good as the original, The Poseidon Adventure that I saw when it came out in December 1972. Most repeat movies are not as good as the first run version. I knew that before going into the theater. But for a couple hours I could escape paradise to watch a story of how a few people deal with non-stop crisis situations.

Those two hours covers the ridiculous upcoming previews as well as the 90-minute scenes of Poseidon. The best parts of that experience were talking with Marvin and the buttered popcorn I consumed. I wonder if Hollywood will ever go back to making a majority of great movies or keep making too many crappy movies. I'm not holding my breath for the former.


Last night, Sherry and I watched a DVD of the movie, Off The Map. I liked it a lot because it told a story of a few people who are changed by the interactions of a stranger who comes into their lives. One of the characters is suffering from Depression and that role was played convincingly by Sam Elliott. I used the remaining credit on my Blockbuster gift card to rent that movie, so it helped ameliorate the let-down of the Poseidon experience the previous day.

Off The Map never made it to my local theater when it was released. I'm glad I had a chance to see it on DVD. I wonder how many good movies like it are by-passed by the movie-chain organizations?

I enjoy the movie theater experience, but I don't want to see 95% of what Hollywood puts out to the big screen. I wouldn't watch that 95% for free or even if someone wanted to pay me to watch that crap. In a theater that holds about 200 seats for each movie, the other 193 empty seats from the Friday showing possibly were vacant because a lot of other viewers like me feel the same way.


I came across a current ComputerWorld article Visual Tour: 20 Things You Won't Like About Windows Vista. I didn't read the entire article because I use a Mac. Here's the part on page one that captured my attention:

"Where does Windows Vista fit among many of the PC-based operating systems of today and the last couple of decades? With Beta 2 running on multiple test units, I feel comfortable predicting that Windows Vista will not outpace Mac OS X Tiger for overall quality and usability. It's hard to beat Apple's top-notch GUI design grafted onto an implementation of Unix variant BSD. Mac OS X has excellent reliability, security and usability. That isn't to say that the user interface wouldn't gain if Apple adopted some other best ideas of the day, but Apple has the best operating system this year, last year and next year. It'll be interesting to see what the company delivers in its 10.5 Leopard version of Mac OS X."

It wasn't too many years ago, uninformed people in the industry wrote-off Apple. The only time you would see anything in print about Apple it was negative. We, the loyal users, knew better and I for one am happy to see the press tout the advantages of the Mac nowadays.

Sherry and I were in the UTC Apple Store yesterday, a store filled with about 100 people all the while we were there. A steady stream of customers checking out the Apple products with enthusiasm. Steve Jobs recently stated in an online interview that every one of their Apple Stores makes money. It's not hard to understand why.


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