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June 3, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Twin Flames

I wasn't aware of the concept of Twin Flames until recently. I already knew from my teenage years about soul mates. I've written about them and created a piece of art to show my interpretations of that curiosity of life, other places on this site.

Twin Flames seems to describe a situation where a male and female feel completely joined when the two are with each other in a way no other person provides.

I've done some research on the Internet about, "Twin Flames" and I find some information that seems plausible. I find a lot of information that frankly, seems hard to believe by me. I won't link to any of those pages in this message.

One thing I did discover in my research is the complication that might occur between, "Twin Flames" who are already in other serious relationships when they meet. On the one hand, they are drawn to each other in a special way. On the other, it would seem to me that if the contact between, "Twin Flames" is a way for two people to realize God's love, then the encounter cannot violate promises or vows between either twin and their partner they may already have, also formed as a realization of God's love.

It's not for me to be judging people's actions on such grounds, especially religious grounds. Adults have a large degree of freedom to make their own choices in life. As a Pathfinder myself, I don't foreclose on too many options in life as long as I remain true to my promises, vows, and my own principles.

In the end, it also seems to me that two people who recognize they are, "Twin Flames" will need to work out some proper arrangement between themselves that doesn't violate any promises or vows they individually have made to another. I don't think they can simply ignore the fact they are part of a, "Twin Flame" pairing for the simple reason that ignoring God's will, never works out. It would be better for them to find an amicable path that works well for all involved.

Update: On January 23, 2009, I published Desktops images here and here too.

Update: On September 2, 2008, I published a movie, Twin Flames Video iTouch on my QuickTime Videos page.

Update: On 07/22/05 I published the, Time Out Of Mind Twin Flames Quartz Composer ScreenSaver for MacOS 10.4 or higher users on my Time Out Of Mind Quartz Composer Files page.


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