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June 2, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Care In Memories

This image is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Only Sixteen by Sam Cooke, released in 1962.

Memories are important to all of us. In an instant they link us to past events and for a few moments we can relive that small slice of life as if we were there again. I have written about how strong my memories are, many of my pages on this site attest to that.

This site is perused by many people every day. Last month Time Out Of Mind accumulated about 50,000 page views. When I look at the various ways I analyze my server logs for this site, I find curious patterns and it's interesting to see where the visitors are coming from around the world.

I've been fortunate to receive comments from so many people about what they find here and how it helped them remember or re-experience things we have in common. For care in memories, I hope it helps you too. ;-)


Today I created a new GarageBand song, Resonance For Two as an mp3, in celebration for those I feel especially close towards in life. They bring something out in me that is calming and tranquil.


One of my close friends asked me to mention this email petition concerning the Pascua Lama Development Project in Chile. Apparently the local citizens there are protesting foreign owner's plans to negatively impact their local water supply for the purpose of extracting gold. I don't know how effective email petitions are or even how effective this message here is, but I promised I would pass the information on for her in her quest to protect Mother Earth.


Recently, Bryan Clark, from Australia contacted me to for permission to use my Green Waves Desktop background for his project, The Edge. I granted him permission. I published his formal request on my Time Out Of Mind Website Reader Testimonials and Credits and Permissions pages.


I read a report that shows how many Americans are using the web to maintain some of their memories. I am happy to see this happen.


For you programmers out there, here's a page with links to all kinds of freeware solutions.


I found a report about new ideas for employee compensation. Take a look at the links at the bottom of that page for more references.


For those of you who care about some of the same memories I have of shared experiences, why not just contact me? Who knows, you may find out what you're really looking to discover about the past? It's up to you at this point. I already did my best to reach out with this and other messages. :-)


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