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July 3, 2004 [ More archived home pages here ]

Riders On The Storm

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On Saturday, July 3, 1971, Jim Morrison, lead singer of, The Doors died in Paris, France. His death was publicly revealed a few days later. Jim was a great talent who by his own misfortunes took his life too soon.

On that same night back in the Chicago metropolitan region thirty-three years ago tonight, I took a journey of many roads for unknown reasons. That driving trip lasted many hours, but created ramifications for the rest of my life. I think I'm better off for everything that happened to me since.

I always remember the night of July 3rd for the latter before the former. Some of my art and stories owe their existence to that Saturday night long ago. This particular image is motivated by both circumstances.

Time Out Of Mind is a website that succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. For me it became a way to take my physical, emotional, and Spiritual pulse.

There have been well over 1/2 million page views of my content and millions of server requests since it's inception in early April, 2002. Now I put this website into "Park" for the Summer of 2004. All the content here will stay just like before. I just don't plan on adding to it for a while.

That success provides me a warm, wonderful feeling. Some new businesses have licensed my art for use on their products or websites. That art has been accessed over a hundred-thousand times and my stories are read by people all over the globe. Certain photographs stirred the emotions of those same visitors. My software code examples found many students eyes and hopefully helped or inspired them.

I have gained many online friends over the years. Some of those people became friends from exposure to my previous websites, some during this one's term. I've managed to continue to team people up that were apart previously and that is a very cool quality of this site.

I've received many, many emails over these past two years. Some I published on my home page from time-to-time. Far more often, I kept those messages private and confidential. I appreciated them all.

I especially enjoyed the contact with people I never met, but nonetheless took the time to thank me for writing my stories and publishing pictures of places they've also been to or lived at one time. I received a letter from a mother from Tennessee who's son is serving in the Marines here in San Diego and she felt closer to him after finding my site. I received letters concerning the people I wrote about concerning my youth, some of their information was unique, ironic, and helped soothe my heart, mind, and soul.

The web experience is a two-way street. I provide a region on the Internet that attracts search engines and visitors galore. Many of my hundreds of pages are ranked at or near the top on Google. That in itself is a remarkable achievement. It can only happen by visitors using search engines to reach this niche. For a few months this site accumulated between 30,000 to 70,000 page views per month. The record for one week was over 21,000 page views last January, 2004. The entire span of time for Time Out Of Mind and the results is humbling, thank you everyone who stopped by here.

Now I plan on spending more time with my wife of 31 years, Sherry. It's a Summer to enjoy and relax, to learn, to help in my community, to work and perform. I'll be using the lessons I've learned from this experience, your encouragement, and your feedback in those efforts.

My virtual door is always open to those I've known in the past, those I know today, and those I have yet to meet. Feel free to email me at anytime.


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