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July 28, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

Getting Back To Business

The above image, Mad Hatter And Alice is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, released in 1967.

On Sunday, July 20, 2008, I purchased the iTouch 16GB version. It is a purchase I have waited for some time to complete. Then I gave my iPod Nano to my daughter, she appreciated that gesture. She then returned to me the iPod shuffle she had and I gave that to my wife upon my return home.

Using the iTouch, I now have a very good way to store all my portable music, particular public and private photos I want to share, and many of my Quicktime videos I occasionally show to people I meet. It also holds my contact and other useful information, including many of the cool applications from the App Store.

This week I meet many of my local friends here in San Diego that want to hear more about my trip and to bring me up-to-date with their own lives. I look forward to the exchange of thoughts and showing off my new iTouch. ;-)

There is much to do with Newbound, Inc. in the next couple months due to on-going contractual work and new work coming in recently. We have added the ability to create Content Management Systems into our Newbound Software Library (NSL). That helps us create business web-based solutions for some of our clients and in that way we can better leverage the other capabilities of the NSL afterwards with them.

Please enjoy the new pictures I've added this past week as indicated below.


I published three new pages of pictures during my recent trip to Chicago:


I published three new Time Out Of Mind iPhone Pictures in Portrait mode. Thumbnails shown below:


Found on the web links for July 27, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


Here is today's Digital Insight.

Moonlight Memories (Created in September 2001)

At the end of July and through early August 2001, I took a solitary automobile trip up through the states of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. I saw portions of those states I had never explored previously.

During that trip, I had a lot of time to consider many things that were on my mind back then. After driving from the Eastern edge of Washington to just outside Seattle, I stayed a couple days at my friend's house in North Bend, Washington. Behind his house is, Mount Si, it rises tall and steep nearby.

One night, I looked out a window and saw the moon shining it's light, illuminating that monolith. The mood and feelings I was experiencing were captured in that moment. This is one of my favorite images, it will always remain special to me. Using my own words, I quote from that page's narration:

"There's magic in moonlight, mountains, and memories."


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