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July 28, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

New Rules Of War

Today's song is War by Edwin Starr, released in 1970.

It seems to me the world is witnessing wars that regrettably, have been a long time coming. A small portion of the global population of people are now paying a huge disastrous toll from those battles. Later everyone else will start paying that same price. If instead, you think diplomacy or dialog will prevent the inevitable escalation, you are truly a person of peace!

We are now in a new stage of world affairs where proxies wage real war and the currencies of human life, suffering and property damage are paid out each and every day to subsidize war. The old rules of how wars are to be fought still dominate discussions. But, talk is cheap.

Any person older than twelve can figure out the truth in this day and age concerning the real battles. Go check out some videos or other web sites and see what really is going down in war around the world. Or, watch TV or the other commercial media sources if you want filtered news, toned down reality, red-herring commentary, and above all, talk of ceasefire.

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At some point the next round of escalation will begin by one side. At that point, everyone who hasn't already accepted that further dialog is useless will realize the time for talking is past.

Does it matter who escalates first? I think it does. One side will pay the higher price for not escalating sooner upon the other. Determining which side is the cannon fodder for the other is a legitimate question. I think it's the side that holds out the longest for diplomacy and believes in the old rules of war.

The new rules of war continue to be rewritten. Those in the thick of war happening right now in the world know that best.

From what I learned and interpret from history I think war brings peace. Then after a period of time has elapsed, peace brings war, history repeats itself.

And so it goes...


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