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July 27, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Questioning An Imperfect World

The above image is, World View

Today's song is What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, released in 1968.

On Sunday I watched a couple hours of the Discovery Channel's Cronkite Remembers. I remember seeing many portions of those shows on live TV at the time they occurred. Specifically I watched the shows pertaining to the 1960's. It wasn't easy to watch because it reminded me of some of the sad times in that decade.

It was the 1960's when I became a teenager. I saw Civil Rights being violated in my own nation against people of color other than white. I was 13 years old when President Kennedy was assassinated. That's a pretty young age to become disillusioned.

I was 15 years old when the Vietnam War ramped up under President Johnson. The first person from a nearby neighborhood died that year. I met his young 10 year-old sister the next year. That's pretty young to start wondering about being involved in war.

I was 18 when Dr. King and Senator Bobby Kennedy were assassinated just two months apart in 1968. The ongoing protests against the war tore my country and families apart. The first of my friends died in Vietnam that year. For he and all the rest, they were all too young to die for that cause.

As I watched the TV today, I wished I could have asked Walter, what was it like for teenagers living in other western nations during the 1960's? They had no wars to fight, no civil rights violations, no strife in their lives as we did here in America. They probably felt they lived in a perfect world to a great extent. Perhaps they were too young then to know how lucky they were?

What made us so different? Why didn't we in our youth here at home enjoy life the same as they in other western nations? The answer to my question is not easy to accept even today. It's because we live in an imperfect world. I guess I'm still too young to understand any better than that...


Last Friday afternoon, my partner Marc and I updated the Newbound, Inc. website. We added a page displaying a couple customer testimonials using our own CMS tools.


As in the case of my friend, Gary, whom I wrote about last Friday, my friend, Jim, also inspires people through his writings about leadership.

Jim's latest leadership thoughts are about, The Paradox of Success.


Here's a real story of love conquering all after a large interval of time and distance.


Found on the web links for July 26, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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