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July 27, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Apple Coolness

The above image, Lovers' Sunset is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is You Belong to Me by Carly Simon, released in 1978.

For those of us that support Apple, Inc., we love it when the good news pours over the media. It reinforces what I say here often enough, switch to Apple products and enjoy your technology experiences.

It is very different over at the headquarters of the illegal monopoly Microsoft. Steve Ballmer, CEO is asking for investor patience. Seems he knows the lack of innovation on Microsoft's part is finally catching up with that behemoth of a corporation.

I have so many friends who use Windows computers and they tell me all the problems they have with those systems. I listen to them and then return home to my sweet Mac computer that doesn't give me any problems at all.

For my Mac friends, we have choices. We exercise our free will and are not held prisoner by Microsoft. Take a look at these Office alternatives, for instance. Those options keep getting better because people who really care are working on them.

It's nice to know that Apple's market cap exceeded HP this week. I just hope more people pitch Microsoft out and get into really better technology for their computing needs. Maybe some of my friends will heed my advice and switch, becoming true computer users instead of computer sufferers.

I wonder if the pilot in this What a Wonderful World YouTube video is a Mac user? It's a wonderful world where I am. :-)


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