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July 25, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

Birthday Week 2006

The above image is also available as a Desktop background

Today's song is You Send Me by Sam Cooke, released in 1957.

Last Saturday kicked off what I call Birthday Week here at home. The entire week is used to celebrate the birthdays of my wife, Sherry, friends DJ and Donna. Every day is scheduled for some kind of activity by the three of them. For the past seven years this is the tradition here. I blend into the background for the duration.

The first activity is the annual rite of attending the races at the Del Mar Racetrack. I have a page of pictures of the event. The weather was and remains hot and humid this week. The impact of this drastic change in the normal weather pattern in San Diego doesn't phase those three at all. They're out and about every evening together. On top of that, somebody at Sherry's work has a birthday every day this week. I'm not going near that place. ;-)


My good friend, Jeff Rutan is an engineer and designer of technical products. He often creates conceptual models of potential Apple computers and other peripheral products. He gets a good amount of feedback from other people interested in his works. One of his latest ideas is shown below and is a model I would like to have right now, if it existed. Jeff chose one of my Desktop Backgrounds for the display.

Mac Pro August 2006

Black anodized and clear-coat sliver aluminum versions of the new August 2006 Mac Pro Intel Dual-Core Xeon (Woodcrest) machines

  • Featuring up to 4 cores
  • Dual front-access drive bays
  • Power supply up top
  • 4 internal SATA hard drive bays at bottom for up to 2TB with hardware RAID support
  • Also introducing dual 10Gbit Ethernet ports
  • Optional Blu-ray Disc HD RW optical drives
  • Support for up to two 16-lane PCI Express video cards


Over the weekend my cable modem died. I had a chance to use the downtime for other matters. This morning the technician arrived and installed a new cable modem. The connection seems a bit faster than before and before was pretty fast. We take the capabilities of communication for granted and we shouldn't.

At any time the electricity could stop working, the internet connection could stop, the freeways could slow to a crawl, the weather could be hot and humid, and other such impediments to "normal" life. Some people are impatient with such things, only adding to their stress. Our ancestors did without most modern ways of life. They had harder lives for the most part, but then again they knew how to live.


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