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July 25, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

Sherry's Birthday Week

Above image also available as a Desktop Background

Our daughter, Jenny, and her husband, Michael, arrived last Friday night for a visit and to celebrate Sherry and DJ's birthdays this week. Those are the best presents they could receive I'm told.

On Saturday we went to the beach and enjoyed the warm water. We splashed in the water and rode our boogie-boards in the waves for hours. Saturday night we all went out to eat at a local restaurant.

Michael could only stay until Sunday afternoon due to work commitments, so we reluctantly dropped him off at the airport around Noon. We then headed for the Del Mar Racetrack for our version of A Day at the Races. I published a page of pictures of the day here.

Today Sherry, Jenny, and DJ went to Disneyland and will return Tuesday night. I could have gone but it's too crowded for me up there right now. I don't enjoy massive crowds and waiting in lines for extended times.

On Wednesday, Jenny and I will be together when we go to my Twin Oaks Toastmasters meeting. The rest of the time she is here, we all do things together including going down the the Gaslamp section of San Diego proper. Jenny leaves for home on Friday afternoon.

This weekend Sherry, DJ, and Donna celebrate their birthdays together. This is an annual ritual here for the three birthdays spread throughout the week. I was assimilated to that plan the first year after we moved here. ;-)


I'm always feeling good when Sherry and Jenny are with me again for several days. It seems fitting that this Digital Insight is presented now.

Ring (Image created in March 2003)

Rings offered through affection are important to me. My wife, Sherry, accepted an engagement ring from me in March 1973. She was eighteen years old when we married a month later and she wears the wedding band of that union. Over the years, I've presented her with other rings of various types including her Ruby birthstone. She gave me a gold wedding band I wore for years, until it stopped fitting properly. I had it resized once, but it's unique design makes it difficult to resize again without distortion. The wedding ring my Father gave to my Mother in 1936 now adorns one of the fingers of our daughter's right hand. That was a wedding gift to her from my brother, Rusty, who had inherited it after my Mom passed away. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Wear your rings proudly and remember the moment you received each of them forever."


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