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July 23, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

Life's Passions

The above image, Depths Of Passion is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) by The Temptations, released in 1971.

It appears that in less than a week from now, this website will reach it's goal of 5 million page views and my publishing days here come to and end. I can then pursue other passions in life. I've become pretty good at following passions over the decades of my life.

This weekend is the start of Birthday Week for DJ, Sherry, and Donna. I'm almost invisible during the duration as they celebrate that passion of friendship.

In about a month from now, Sherry and I travel to Chicago area to visit family and friends. We all share that passion to various degrees when we get together.

The emotive force of love is one of my strongest passions. I sense it from my wife, Sherry, when we are together. We validate our 37 years of marriage with passion publicly and privately without hesitation.

I think it's important to acknowledge the passion of life itself. That's a passion every person should express, in my humble opinion.


On Tuesday I went to see the new movie, Inception. I enjoyed the movie, paying close attention to the hierarchical plot. It was a good thing that the professor and the character, "Ariadne" helped "Cobb" reach his goal in the end. That put a new spin on the outcome... ;-)


My friend, Gary, published a new leadership article, The best leadership coach you'll ever have.


The Blender might appeal to those wishing to explore 3D animation.


Apple released the source code MacPaint and MacDraw this past week.


Need a way to remotely access your computer's files?


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