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July 22, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

My Friend, Dr. Pierre Doche, D.M.D.

Today's song is A Certain Smile by Johnny Mathis, released in 1958.

The picture above is from my friend's Dental office. On that wall are three of my digital images [Vino Solitude; Ebb Tide; and Straits of Redemption] all beautifully framed and lighted. His patients, while sitting in the dental chair, enjoy looking at them. His dental office also displays art from a number of famous painters including my favorite artist Vincent van Gogh. He sometimes plays the music from two of my music CD's ["Spirit Of The Pathfinder" and "One Love At A Time"] in his office.

I met Dr. Pierre Doche, D.M.D., at Doche Family Dental as a patient about a year and a half ago. We became friends over the next few months. He then purchased those art images mentioned above from me. I have interviewed him twice on Digital Passages Podcasts and his interviews have been downloaded over 2,500 times since last July.

Dr. Doche joined my Twin Oaks Toastmasters club in March of this year and is currently serving as the club's Treasurer.

We have become good friends and I find out more about him every time we are together. He has a wonderful life philosophy and cares about people. If you're looking for a great dentist in North San Diego County, stop by and have a talk with him. I think you'll find out why he is successful in his dental practice through his passions in life.


It's the start of birthday week on Saturday. The birthdays for Sherry, DJ, and Donna all are celebrated during this next week. I hope I can endure everything that happens around here during that time. :-)


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