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July 22, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

"It Can Never Be The Way It Used To Be!"

Some phrases just never leave my memory. They were spoken to me at a crucial point in my life. The one above was an admonishment to me when I asked about being friends with someone again after a long absence.

I was shut out when I extended myself in that situation. I guess some people can be more absolute in their assessments than I am able to be. We're not here for that long a time in life to shut out people who are offering friendship to us. Life moves on in spite of such disappointments and we find other people to be friends with as the years roll along.

I've made hundreds of friends since that phrase was spoken to me. Things got better by meeting all of them too. :-)


Speaking of making special friends, I bring this Digital Insight to your attention. :-)

Evening Adventure (Image created in December 2002)

From my own experiences, observations and discussions, I find that two people in a relationship, usually "discovered" each other in the evening. Maybe people are more receptive in the evening than the day; it is my interpretation it is that way. To be sure, the daylight hours provide people a variety of ways to meet with opportunities of first introductions. It's the dinners and the occasions dedicated to the night that usually bring two people into full bloom with one another. This image symbolizes the anticipation two people sense when their destinies are to be joined in some wonderful way and draw closely towards each other to make it so. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Night is almost upon them; the travelers of the evening. Somewhere out there is a new encounter and the two are lucky to have found each other to face what lies ahead. As it is with these two creatures, so it is with all living beings."


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