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July 19, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

Looking Into The Past

The above image is, Don in Apartment 1976

Today's song is Desperado by The Eagles, released in 1973.

As mentioned in my previous home page, Catching Up With Old Times In 2010, I'm exchanging emails with people I've known for over 40 years. On Sunday afternoon, I spoke with my best friend, Angel Rodriguez, who introduced those people to me. We both had wondered what had happened to our friends over the decades since we last saw them. Now we are finding out we have both been missed by them too!

The entire experience is awakening new emotions in me. I find myself drifting back to thoughts of my parents before I was born and wonder what they thought about life. I watch old movies and see new insights previously overlooked. On Saturday I went through some of my vast collection of photos and found two that caught my attention.

The one above is how many people remember me who haven't seen me in a long time. It helps them visually associate me in their memories. 1976 was the year my daughter was born in late September. So much of my life changed after that event.

Pictures capture a faction of a moment for as long as that picture can be retrieved. It can jog the memory sometimes. Sometimes it is just an abstract collection of colors because the moment of it and what was occurring at that moment is lost to time itself. The one above fits that description.

The next picture is my late mother and I in the Summer of 1995. At that time she had about two years left before her health dramatically declined and she entered a nursing home. She passed away there in January 2000 at age 83.

That moment in the picture is not abstract nor lost. The value it relates is continuing. Such is the power of photography to capture more than the moment.

I don't mind occasionally looking back on the past. It connects me with the present, preparing me for the future.


My friend, Robert M. Katzman, wrote about his marriage proposal to his wife back in 1977. In his second chapter of that story, he explains a perspective about his late father I display as a quote below:

"He didn't view friendship as a means to an end. He viewed friendship as holding another person in high esteem, someone to confront life with."

I appreciate that thoughtful perspective. Thank you, Bob for your story.


What can America learn from Thomas Edison?


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