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July 16, 2010 [More archived home pages here]

Catching Up With Old Times In 2010

The above image is, Friendship Transcends Time

Today's song is In Her Family by Pat Metheny, released in 1987.

Recently, I received an email from my Bowen High School friend. I hadn't seen Tina or her family since 1972. I first met Tina and her large family in 1966 through one of my best friends, Angel Rodriguez. It is a very pleasant surprise to be contacted by her.

Since she first wrote to me, many members of her family have exchanged emails with me. We are telling stories and finding out what we have been doing in the past nearly 40 years!

The parents are still alive and healthy. The children all grown up now, are spread across the country. They use the Internet to stay in-touch when not together. They represent a loving family, the way all families should be. I know that loving feeling myself in mine.

Each reconnection is appreciated. We relive old memories together and old nicknames surface one again. :-)

It is one of the best aspects of life to know people still care after decades between making their last contacts. This was truly a gift for me in the Summer of 2010. Thank you, Tina, and the rest of your wonderful family for reaching out to me.


Many weeks ago I was asked by a college-level instructor friend of mine to give a project management presentation in her Risk Management class at San Diego's ITT Technical Insititute. [Testimonial Links: 1; 2]

Thursday night I was scheduled for 30-minute presentation with a PowerPoint Slideshow entitled, "Project Management: A CAPM's View" (title slide shown below). The class was so curious about my perspectives, I spoke for over an hour due to questions and related interests! Thank you, Ethelyn, for the opportunity!


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