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July 13, 2006 [ More archived home pages here ]

True Homes, True Hearts, On True Paths

Today's song is Love Can Make You Happy by Mercy released in 1969.

As adults we are free to choose our path to a large extent. Sometimes we initially choose poorly and discover the current path we travel needs to end. We may discover we are in the wrong place or with the wrong people and we endeavor to remedy the matter. Depending on the circumstances the solution may be easy or the way out may be difficult. A determined person will prevail.

Most of us want to find a true home for us. That true home may not be near the place we were born or raised. Some of us choose to leave of our own free will for a far destination, a new beginning, where destiny awaits us. I went West in my personal life, others have too. Each finds their own direction in life.

A true home is fine, a place to feel secure and happy. Maybe it took a long time to get there, discovering along the way that the reward is in the journey.

Finding a true heart in another is a goal for many people. Not every person we become attached to is right for us in the search for that true heart. Those that know what they are looking for will persevere until satisfied.

Maybe where you find that true home, you find that true heart there too. Maybe you will share that true home together in love and happiness.

Life is good when your true home, your true heart, on your true path all resolve to a single convergence. You are then able to look back and see your life in terms of its historical perspective, whom affected you, whom you affected. From that vantage point may God be with you as your future unfolds before you.


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