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July 11, 2007 [ More archived home pages here ]

Between The Tides

The above image, Marooned is also available as a Desktop

Today's song is Ain't No Mountain High Enough by The Supremes, released in 1968.

Sherry and I are planning our next trip to Chicago for August. We travel there to celebrate the first birthday of our granddaughter. I'm told she is now starting to walk, if you hold on to her little finger. She just started crawling on Father's Day. She is between her first phase of locomotion and the one she will use for the rest of her life.

Some of my friends tell me coincidentally they are between phases of their life too. I guess we all are between one phase or another all the time. Some phases stand more stark in comparison to others we encounter. These phases remind me of the ocean's tides.

I've taken many walks by the ocean's shore here in San Diego. Sometimes the stretch of beach between the ocean and the road is longer than at other times. The tides determine what is exposed and what remains covered with water. The waves deliver new items to the shore and wash away other items back below the surface. Being between tides is to observe both conditions at once. You never know what you may discover by traveling between the tides.

You and I may meet between the tides one day. We may learn together, sharing, enjoying the experience. I look forward to that time.


My friend, Wendy, purchased an iPhone last week. She let me play with it today. All I can say is, resistance is futile now that I had my hands on one.

I won't be surprised to read or hear that someone proposed marriage to another and offered an iPhone instead of a ring to validate the love they feel inside. Then there's the consideration for the love they feel for that individual they're proposing to, as well. ;-)

These iPhones might be more of a stimulant than Viagra! Get one before the FDA starts to regulate the sale of them.


As a result of the first iPhoneDevCamp, here is a list of iPhone applications available.


For those of you using an iPod to watch video's, the Myvu device might just be for you.


Religious dogma continues in this 21st Century. It's my thought that the first understanding that should be taught by every religious institution is, There are other religions that are just as valid as ours. No one religion is the best, that is superior to others, including this one.

In my opinion, that principle would go a long way towards the truth and thus, reduce the friction between people of different religious views.


In case you didn't know, California is a Green state. It aims to provide a large amount of solar energy.

I support the use of solar and wind power as alternative sources. One day all sunny regions may provide solar energy farms and windy areas (Chicago?) will grab at the breezes that blow.

We on this planet are between the tides with respect to transforming from an energy consuming planet to a more conscientious one. It will take centuries to see the full effect in place.


The tidal forces of life today provide a way to transition to this Digital Insight.

Ebb Tide (Created in November 2003)

Music stirs my soul. Music makes me feel many different emotions as I match the time I first heard a tune and the theme of my life at that time.

Forty years ago, the Righteous Brothers sang about relationships of those in love or wishing to be. Their melodies and harmonies instilled a sense of truth in their style and they became part of Rock-and-Roll legend.

In the years since, their lyrics and music came to mean more to me than they did in my early teenage years.

Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"They influenced me and my generation. Ebb Tide is one of my favorites tunes of theirs."


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