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July 10, 2009 [ More archived home pages here ]

Bluffing With Busted Flushes

The above image, Redemption is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is Can't You See Me Cry by the New Colony Six, released in 1968.

Each generation learns about recession the hard way. Recession and boom times are all part of a capitalistic economy. I've lived through several recessions starting in the mid 1970's. My wife and I almost went broke in 1976, but being proactive saved the day. I bluffed my way into a good paying job with only a busted flush in my hand on June 1, 1976.

The key is to don't become bitter, feeling as a victim. In short, don't take the recession personally. Know that millions share the issues and that while some opportunities fade, others open up. Stay positive and learn new skills that will be useful when the economy picks up again.

Perhaps you'll become an entrepreneur as I did and pull yourself out of the situation. No one should promise you it will be easy. Remember, there are no guaranties in life except the ones you offer. At least as an entrepreneur you are more in charge of your own destiny that way. By the way, companies still look for entrepreneurs to hire because those entrepreneurs have learned important business lessons along the way.

You will know people who make poor decisions during a recession and other folks who provide positive examples of how to persevere. Those lessons will come in handy when the next recession rolls around in life. Each cycle is an investment opportunity of sorts or the experience can be another session of Survival Camp. Your choice becomes a matter of personal perspective.


My friend, Gary, published another great leadership article, What Mickey Mouse has to do with taking the mission seriously, and yourself lightly.


Another article about the speculative science of global warming, et al.


I don't believe this about Facebook.


Found on the web links for July 9, 2009 [ Link since removed ]


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