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July 8, 2008 [ More archived home pages here ]

New Unions And Reunions

The above image, Snow White is also available as a Desktop Background

Today's song is This Guy's In Love With You by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, released in 1968.

The time has arrived to meet my grandson born on June 17, 2008. I arrive in Chicago tonight and shortly after that, hold him in my arms and kiss him. The bond of that new union begins. He is very alert with eyes open very much so. He's been gaining weight steadily and all his doctor visits indicate he is healthy.

I then meet-up with my granddaughter who turns two years old next month. We have a lot of catching up to do. I haven't seen her since early March. There are plenty of trips to her favorite park due. My daughter has plans for us to go to Brookfield Zoo on one of the days I'm in. Going to that zoo is a Larson tradition dating back to my parents time before I was born. I will be in Chicago for twelve days, I can't wait to be there! :-)

I have plenty of time to look-up my friends and visit with my brother and his wife. Some of my high school classmates are getting a small reunion together and I am trying to work out my schedule for the first night's event. We still care after 40 years since we graduated, I really appreciate that we do!

One of my elementary and high school friends will meet with me. She was always a kind-hearted girl in our youth and it will be wonderful to see her again after so many years.

Fred Gellman is now in Chicago. We first met 50 years ago. I haven't seen Fred since August 1968!

I'll be taking lots of pictures. Some I'll be able to publish and others I cannot. I'm expecting a change in pricing for the Apple iTouch on July 11, 2008, when the new iPhone 3G is released. I want to purchase the 16GB iTouch model for personal and business needs very soon. Once I have that device in hand, I can store my videos of my old films and thousands of my pictures to share in-person.

When I return home I'll have plenty to share with my wife, Sherry, and my family and friends here. My Chicago trip starts this morning, not too many hours from now...


Sherry and I went to Disneyland for the 4th of July. Sherry and I are annual pass holders to that venue. I published a page of pictures from that day trip.


This is a wonderful resource for women, The Women on the Web site.


The donations to the charity are starting to flow via Tammy's web site, T and P Records.


Rita, my sister-in-law, sent me this cool slideshow of the 50 State Flowers.


If you ever viewed a YouTube video, your visitor information is being divulged.


Making fuel from algae seems like a good idea. Watch the video link sent to me by my friend, Bob.


Found on the web links for July 7, 2008 [ Link since removed ]


Here is today's Digital Insight.

You Already Know (Created in December 2003)

The words of this song inspired this image. The sensitive person is acutely aware of the gain and loss of love. The subtlest of signs convey the approaching or retraction of affections from another.

To love another is a profound experience, especially if love is returned in full measure. Once two people have loved, a bond exists regardless of the passage of time.

When love is lost between lovers, that loss is felt more by one than the other and the absence is never completely dissipated.

The experienced person understands the risks and rewards of love and how to interpret the milestones along the way. Using my own words, I quote a portion from that page's narration:

"Love -- that mysterious feeling that overwhelms the uninitiated and completes the path of the experienced person.

How many loves in one life and how many different ways to express and feel love for another and receive love from them in return?"


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