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July 8, 2005 [ More archived home pages here ]

A Night To Remember

Wednesday night, July 6, 2005, was an opportunity to share the stage with two of my friends from the San Diego Macintosh Users Group. Before an audience of about 100 members, we each gave a presentation involving Mac projects we started as hobbies turned into business opportunities.

Jeff Rutan started off the evening by giving a Keynote 2 presentation that demonstrated his engineering and graphic design skills for his conception of various Apple products that might have been produced. His pace was smooth and he kept the audience focused with his easy to understand animated "builds" of his product conceptions. Jeff then went on the explain how the delving into computer design led him to some opportunities with MacMice. Some of the products he designed were then shown as real models to the group. I think Jeff is a very creative person and will use his entrepreneurial and engineering skills in other ways in the very near future.

Adam Christianson then lead the club through an actual process of creating a podcast live. He clearly described the workflow involved and used several software applications to construct his demo podcast. Afterwards, Adam spoke about his own very popular podcast MacCast and how he is moving towards a professional operation soon. Adam's segment of the show set the stage for my appearance at the end.

I spoke for about 45 minutes in total. The first 15-20 minutes I spoke about my artist aspect of my hobby turned professional with the start of Digital Passages in late 2003. I projected my web sites up on the big screen and showed people some of my art as an entry point into the discussion. Then I mentioned my two music CD albums created by GarageBand and Soundtrack. Then I brought in the QuickTime music videos I've done using some of that music and my art. Lastly for that section, I demoed my Quartz Composer ScreenSaver files. I think they really liked that part. ;-)

The remaining time I presented a Keynote 2 slideshow, Effective Podcast Interviews (title slide shown below) that provided some tips to podcasters on that subject. Some of the material Adam presented earlier laid the foundation for my segment of the phenomenal growth of podcasting using Skype for radio-style interviews.

By 9:00 PM I was finished and the three of us took turns answering audience questions as they pertained to our sections. We successfully imparted how we took hobbies and made them into business opportunities.

I enjoyed working with my two friends that evening. It was a chance to see how the three of us could stand our own ground, yet flow our ideas and topics into one smooth performance that was entertaining and educational. I thank Gene Weed for his assistance in helping me prepare for my session.

It was one more validating experience that Apple technologies are not only cool, but effective in both the hobbiest and business worlds. I expect the seeds of our efforts will create new harvests in the months to come from other members who came, watched, and learned.


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